These are my trusted partners. I have invited each one to be part of the team that will be serving you during your real estate transaction. They were extended this honor due to their exemplary service and knowledge in their respective fields. There are many other good providers in each category and it is entirely your choice who you decide to hire.

Home Inspection
Name Sean Taylor
Company nSight Home Inspection
Mobile (970) 201-7757
Name Pat Cheedle
Company Cherry Creek Mortgage
Phone (970) 256-1904
Mobile (970) 234-0783
Name James Call
Company Guild Mortgage
Address 501 Main St., Grand Jct., CO 81501
Phone (970) 250-6800
Mobile (970) 361-3583
Name Kelly Romatzke
Company Major Mortgage
Address 2474 Patterson Rd.
Phone (970) 257-9920
Mobile (970) 201-9430
Title Company
Name Bree Pease
Company CLT Closing and Title Services
Address 136 N. 7th., Grand Jct., CO 81501
Phone (970) 462-0100